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At Cyprus Joy, we are always trying to show the longevity of our designs and projects.
Our clients gave us a blank canvas to complete the garden for them at the end of 2012. They had purchased the property, originally living there with a very young daughter, before letting it out on a long term let.
We finished the garden early in 2013 and have maintained the pool and garden since then.
The photos hopefully show the vision and work from six years ago to how it is still looking good in 2019.

Our clients had a number of new villas built behind them with the one villa behind, ​side ways on, so nearly all the windows look directly into their garden. We could not offer an instant cure but by clearing out the back section we have planted Gold Crest tree's which in time will grow to such a height it will bring back their privacy. By the end of next year at least the downstairs windows will be blocked out. Plus by planting the Gold Crest as we have, they will need very little maintenance.

Too many of our projects arise when neighbours fall out so it was a pleasure to work for two sets of neighbours who not only get on but are friends as well. As can be seen from the before photos they had the privacy but both had enough of the ongoing maintenance. Now they have the privacy again, but without the hassle.

Aluminium Fencing

Over the last year or so we have found more of our clients are moving to our Aluminium Fencing with not only low maintenance in mind but Saftey as more of a focus. We have completed a number of projects where the huge drop behind the fence is not apparent from in front of the fence. We are now fitting the 12 cm panels stacked on top of each other and giving a lifetime guarantee on fitting. With the fence built this way it means that no one can climb the fence with the main focus being on children.